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In recent times, Internet of Things (IoT) has greatly established itself as part of everywhere conversation. IoT is a process that accumulates many things that exist in the world, puts them into a network and makes them connect to one another. These things are connected via sensors. One interesting thing about IoT and the AV industry is that both industries are in the same boat, as such, AV and IoT have worked perfectly together in the following areas.

Corporate Organizations

The corporate setting is a unique system that has incorporated IoT’s concepts into the audio visual settings owing to the fact that it is a system that is localized with all equipment located near one another. As such, the audio visual industry is greatly relied on by corporate organizations. The audio visual system is the heart of any corporate building in the sense that it provides a user with interface and knowledge about the way and manner clients interact with the corporate environment.

As an audio visual firm, VSSi provides the necessary interface between the building and the user. VSSi’s room schedulers provide indicators as to whether a room is occupied or not. At VSSi, touch panels are set such that they trigger boardrooms to be ready for meetings and the control systems of VSSi interface with the building systems and lighting.

Centralized Monitoring

IoT can be integrated into centralized monitoring system to discover the number of smart devices that are connected to a network. This will provide employers information about the number of people that are onsite every day. This information will help employees in knowing if the office space is being fully utilized if more desk spaces should be created and if more meeting rooms should be created.


In the retail setting, audio visual integrators in partnership with IoT have been able to deploy paging systems and background music with digital signage. As customers move through the mall, a Bluetooth beacon can be located at each digital signage that is displayed. The beacon will ping the environment for patrons that have downloaded the retailer’s app and have active Bluetooth. From there, the beacon will extract the patron’s purchase history and display related goods as well as other goods that might be of interest to the patron on the digital signage.


IoT’s integration with the security field makes complete sense when it is tied to an audio visual integrator. Numerous information about emerging Mass Notification/Emergency Communication Systems (MNS/ECS) market has been provided by NSCA, manufacturers, and InfoComm. For these systems to provide intelligent information and offer solutions where there is a case of emergency, the skill set of an AV integrator is required.

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IoT Integration with Your AV Business

If you want to integrate IoT with your Organization’s audio visual equipment or AV business, Visual System Solutions and Integration is your best bet. Visual System Solutions & Integration (VSSi) provides ongoing support through PROactive IoT and AV integration through the provision of indicators with offers you detailed information about the level of office space or room occupancy. VSSi implements its professional support for audio visual integration with IoT by setting touch panels to prompt board room’s readiness for business meetings. The contract of VSSi allows for equipment maintenance at the top level of performance and guarantees the resolution of any technical issues that might emerge anytime in the future. The company’s highly-trained and knowledgeable technicians integrate IoT and AV equipment to provide you detailed security information and offer your business grade A solutions where there is a case of emergency.

Furthermore, VSSI’s audio visual integrators in collaboration with IoT will provide your business with paging systems and background music with digital signage which help in advertising new and/or useful products to customers in your office or retail store.

At VSSi, we provide IoT and AV integration with corporate and business organizations, worship centers, government establishments and healthcare centers.

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