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Interactive whiteboard solutions like OneScreen and Samsung Flip or Whiteboard engage the whole class, give educators more powerful tools, and add entirely new dimensions to the learning process.

Today’s students are digital natives – they’re used to interacting with devices in every facet of their lives. Bringing these devices into the classroom creates new avenues through which to engage these modern learners.

The best educational audiovisual solutions create interactive spaces in which students can contribute their own insights during presentations and collaborate both with instructors and each other.

Whether they’re in the same room or half a planet away, students and teachers alike can use interactive white boards to impart knowledge in new and powerful ways.



OneScreen offers interactive whiteboards and device integration which engage students and help instructors deliver more effective lessons and lectures.

Some of the benefits of OneScreen in the classroom include, for starters:

  • Wireless presentations
  • Interactive, annotatable whiteboarding
  • Lesson development, presentation, and delivery (they also offer built-in curriculum using state-based core curricula)
  • One click access for both your network and the web
  • Drag and drop files
  • The ability to easily record and save class sessions for remote students or to play back later for those who are absent.
  • In-classroom collaboration tools to fit the bring-your-own-device culture. Students can work together on projects from their different devices, answer live polls and quizzes, and share screens with each other.
  • Distance learning support, including remote access for students to take online courses and catch up with assignments online.
  • User-friendly interfaces and easy integration Polycom and other solutions to avoid installation delays
  • Unlimited support and training

These tools are especially important to improve remote student attendance, live collaboration in-class, and make it easier for students to catch up on previous notes and class material.  

It’s also easy to add multimedia live news to presentations for more engaging lessons and instantly dial in student attention.


Samsung Flip

Samsung’s Flip technology aims to bring 21st century digital technologies into accessible educational settings. Kids as young as 3-4 can easily manipulate and draw on these digital whiteboards.

The Flip is a flexible, portable option that improves attention and interactivity like OneScreen. It can easily move with students and educators into new classrooms or settings, offering easily accessible tools for live annotating, presenting, and collaborative projects.

Instead of relegating new tech to a computer lab, it also integrates the latest software and hardware with tactile and visual lessons throughout the educational environment.

For students with disabilities, the Samsung Flip can also make many interactions and material formats more accessible.

Because of the portable, wheeled-stand-based design, it’s also easy to use an install. As the tech advances, Samsung has plans to incorporate more virtual and augmented reality features to make learning increasingly collaborative and intuitive for modern students, as well as gamify educational opportunities to make them more appealing.

While using the interactive whiteboards, students can pass the pen to each other, write on the board itself using anything, or watch videos in high-quality HD.

The intent is to get the best of the feeling of traditional pen and paper writing, but with the power of a digital format, and collaboration between up to four people at the same time and in real-time speeds. Students can share and notate within almost any content files and save conversations as well as the content of their work online.

Samsung Flip interactive whiteboards also integrates with Microsoft and Adobe software, using a built-in document viewer to extend files and present them to bigger audiences with the wireless screen sharing functionality.


Want to learn more about an interactive whiteboard could help your students?

The right audiovisual solution for your classroom can:

  • Engage students and improve test scores
  • Make it easier to catch students up after a sick day or teach classes remotely
  • Make lessons a two-way street
  • Foster collaboration and interactivity
  • Provide teachers with a host of new tools to manage a classroom, design new lessons and present them.

As an added bonus, whiteboard solutions often enable you to convert existing tools to minimize outfitting costs, and many are designed to be flexible and portable so you can use the same solution for multiple classes and classrooms.

Cutting-edge technology like Samsung’s Flip and the OneScreen are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to audio-visual classroom technology.

While it’s possible to DIY one of these solutions, it can be overwhelming to research and then configure one yourself. VSSi is here to help you get the best possible bang for your buck. We build a variety of high-quality educational AV solutions for a variety of schools and universities. 

To learn more about what options might be the best fit for your school or institution, get in touch for a no-strings-attached free consultation here.

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