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Unified Communication as a service or cloud-based UCC became an emergency need for business survival during the pandemic outbreak. Companies having existing Unified communication setup were also forced to migrate to the cloud.

Since then, our teams have spent most of the work through Unified Communication Collaboration solutions. Any interactive session or brainstorming session has been conducted remotely, but your rockstar team’s productivity is sub-par to live meetings.

While the timeline for returning to in-person work remains unclear, one thing is for certain: More companies will embrace remote work, and more workers will view remote work policies as an expectation, not just a nice-to-have perk. Tech giants from Facebook to Google have already extended their remote work policies through 2021, and we can expect more companies to follow suit.

The Future Of UCaaS In Hybrid Work

Courtesy: The Future Of Unified Communications In The Wake Of Covid-19, Jed Brown, Forbes.com

We had victory too in getting our employees used to all the digital collaboration tools. But now, our vital role is to enhance the positive employee experience, which in return improves the business productivity, efficiency, and consistency. Also, our prime duty is to ensure our employees have an outstanding work-life balance.

Our teams need to pitch marketing proposals with an external network of potential clients, and we need to integrate with them seamlessly. Simultaneously, we need to have real-time collaboration with On-site teams, office teams, and remote employees. We need to collaborate with multiple companies when being a part of any big projects. So integration and flexibility to manage remote work or office work are mandatory for a smooth business operation.

Does your existing UCC are future-proof?

Do your existing hardware tools or platforms offer a future-proof Unified Communication Collaboration solution, which can seamlessly integrate with any kind of circumstances and demands? They are critical in driving business value with exceptional ROI—an investment where no one will regret in the future.

Remote First Future:

Employees prefer to work from home, the demand for remote working reached a critical mass in the past decade. Retaining better talents in the Post-Covid19 scenario workspace, offering remote work is an attractive benefit for employees with infants and children. Having all infrastructure for a remote working collaboration workspace will make us a Remote First Future compliant organization.

Employees should feel comfortable using the UC solutions, which guarantees all the tools are used to the maximum, reducing stress and workload arising from not easy-to-use user interfaces. Remote employees may not have the required network infrastructure with a larger bandwidth; this is a crucial problem to be addressed outside the UC environment but a lifeline to it.

Assess your existing UC:

First, let’s look at what we have, such as endpoints, user interfaces, touch controls, and network infrastructure. Then through which platforms and device management platforms, they are run. Documentation of this data is significant for evaluating the existing infrastructure and implementing required changes. The Task sheet contains what devices are used for particular tasks internally by the employees.

End-User Needs:

  • More than any stakeholder in the environment such as Owner, Architect, Integrator, or manufacturer, more weightage regarding a design of a Unified Communication Solution is to be gathered from end-users. They are the ones going to live with Engineered solutions. At VSSi, we have a brilliant questionnaire for end-users, design board is prepared only after carefully assessing end-user answers.

What VSSi can do for your UC requirement?

Unified Communication integration is particularly beneficial to those who need to reach business partners and clients on a global scale. VSSi is able to design and install video facilities to suit the needs of any company requirements, and to help it excel in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace.

The key benefit here is the integration of high definition hardware and simple software solutions which means less time wasted on setup and technical issues and more productivity and focus on the meeting itself.

Choosing UCC teams such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex teams depends completely on the customer experience and IT support alignments. Sometimes we may need both solutions.

We are here to solve:

Conveying a positive representative encounter within the cross-platform work environment is challenging since the post-pandemic environment is liquid. Advertising the finest UC solutions for your on-site and further group individuals enables a positive client encounter and boost productivity. What do your groups get to get work done? A single one-size-fits-all arrangement, or a choice of a couple of stages? Assess your current UC choices presently and we construct a needed solution for any changes you recommend.

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