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Video Wall is the new Buzz word of the Audio-Visual industry, but many think it can be easily replaced by a Projector or a single large display. However, that’s not the truth, and this article profoundly delves into the applications and benefits of a video wall.

What is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a set of tiled monitors to form one large screen. It may involve LCD or LED monitors, and the monitors used often have ultra-thin edges called bezels to make the disruption in between the screens less noticeable. The screens are typically connected through a daisy chain and have a video wall controller.

Advantages of having a Video Wall:

  • Fits any Size: Most of the time, single display screens are available in a standard size, which may not fit our space accurately, so it ends up with more unused space or less space hindering maintenance. But can fit video walls into any size with the highest customization options.
  • Makes any Shape: For artistic display of designs or aesthetical presentations out of the ordinary flat display concept such as curved, bent, and round surfaces, the one-word answer is Video Walls.
  • High Resolution: Video walls have high resolution powered by a video wall high-speed processor, and a projector can never match the resolution of a video wall. It provides end-users with extreme readability and an enriched visual experience. There are no requirements to control ambient lighting, making it useful in many open-air or big-sized crowded environments.


  • Reliability: Performance is crucial in any application, and many video walls are designed for 24/7 operations with maximum uptime and resilience. They are reliable compared with counterparts as Displays and Projectors, and they have constant maintenance checks and lower uptime.
  • Flexibility: Our requirements frequently change on a daily or monthly basis based on the circumstances. Video Walls are tiled entities to be used as a four split-screen or six split-screen at ease. It provides the flexibility of making a screen split from two to sixteen or even more based on the number of tiles.
  • Interactivity: Video walls are meant to deliver engaging and interactive presentations that keep your audience immersed in what they are viewing. A football match can be effectively transposed with the same intensity.

Applications of Video Wall:

  • Corporate: Video walls empower communication effectively. It helps the visitors on promoting or learning the product. We can use it in reception areas, marketing rooms, or as digital signage. We have the options of streaming a live event, highlighting new policies, company targets, or employee performance stats with the internal audience.
  • Government: For mission-critical handling tasks, in a place where a team of professionals needs to assess and correlate multi-data points in taking highly critical decisions. Video wall helps them in case of a command center type of environment. Worldwide control rooms use the video walls to monitor stock markets, telecommunication networks, ATMs and Banks, and public transportation systems.
  • Education: Lectures on a whiteboard are things of the past. Now all educational institutions developed a way of immersive teaching solutions known as Edutainment. Interactive learning leads to a more explorative academic environment.
  • Hospitality and Leisure: Video Walls play a significant role in this industry compared to others with stunning graphic visuals in stadiums, good sports shows in sports bars, menu boards, self-explanatory museums, live concerts, and so on. Video Walls make the customers more engaging and informative and enhance their whole experience. It also contributes to creating an excellent aesthetical environment.
  • Places of Worship: Video Walls help in providing a brighter and clearer message for the congregation.


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