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AV over IP

Why people prefer AV over IP  to traditional AV cabling? Why is it a one-stop solution for network managers?

Our World is changing into a blockchain environment. Blockchain is an electronic record-keeping mechanism that led out to the massive creation of Cryptocurrency. Like that in the AV industry, today, all devices are connected to a single cloud platform and seamlessly integrated using the help of IP networks. With the help of this advancement, you can check analytics, update the latest version of the software, upgrade new content from multiple transient sources, and nonetheless troubleshoot the device of a big organization in few clicks without even moving away from your desk. So, welcome to the new world of AV over IP, and we are going to discuss the advantages and benefits of using it. 

Cost is the key:

AV over IP doesn’t require any new cabling for implementation; we can use the existing legacy IP network infrastructure used for Internet connectivity. Traditional AV implementation requires a new set of multi-point or point-to-point conservative cables, which are tough to run in space shortage environments. Switching to AV over IP is highly cost-effective; significant investment will be a few hundred dollars on the PoE Network switches.

 AV over IP system can guarantee the Return on Investment:

  • Can save time spent on uploading the content for each device separately.
  • Can save time spent on monitoring individual software updates.
  • Can drastically reduce the labor required in maintaining the AV system.
  • Can control it quickly due to seamless integration of all devices in the system, enhances productivity during meetings, and easy to learn.

Scalability is the performance:

Business Organizations consider growth as their heartbeat, and any company works in achieving the targets and planning for the future. Traditional AV networks are no more competent in an organization that expands rapidly. A company can add as many sources as it wants in AV over IP, breaking the barrier of running out of physical ports in traditional AV. Multiple IP switches can be connected to expand the number of sources.

Security is the core:

 Most of them think traditional AV is relatively secure than AV over IP. But that’s not the truth; IP is end-to-end encrypted and can stop any data fraud. In conventional systems, we can’t even detect data theft at any level. The industry evolves every day in reducing cybercrime, data theft, and data manipulation. Having IP networks makes us adaptable to future technologies.

 High-Quality transmission:

 Ethernet cables allow carrying large amounts of data at extreme compressed levels, thanks to the latest technology advancements in compression protocols. Serial cables are not capable of transmitting HD and UHD videos for longer distances. Bi-way transmission is possible with IP networks.

 Reduced Latency is vital:

 In case of a live event, where all the company members can’t attend the meeting. During the pandemic, where the whole business runs on Audio Video conferencing with clients and other stakeholders. Latency has no delay between the time a request is initiated, and the response is given in standard terms known as buffering. So a crystal clear video conferencing or broadcast with no buffering is essential.

 AV over IP applications:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Video walls and Digital Signage
  • Wireless presentation system
  • Broadcast system
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Educational smart rooms

 Having a LAN network enables AV over IP solutions.


Right team in the Right place:

An experienced team of professionals with a blend of innovation and consistent learning makes a company great. VSSi matches the criterion and has implemented numerous AV over IP applications across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas. To upgrade your existing AV system, please get in touch with us at https://vssi-av.com/contact-vssi/




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