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Take learning to the Next Level

Educational institutes evolve to meet the demands of industry and society, including technological development. Now technologies play a significant role in educational process. More and more students due to their busy life are trying to find the most convenient ways of learning: the ability to study anywhere by using any device and use multiple modalities for delivering and accessing the content in a learning environment.

AV Solutions to Inspire Students

Educational institutes work with industry and business to deliver relevant, high-quality, vocational education and training. This training is often reliant on emerging technologies: how to represent the expectations of educators, to engage and educate students, and to reach a wider base of people seeking accreditation via remote learning. To attract and inspire students and operate more efficiently, colleges and universities start integrating video collaboration and interactive learning platforms solutions to bring robust learning experience.

Interactive visual solutions, including video conferencing, exponentially increase educational experience of teachers and learners. Video conferencing enables to engage students, to bring efficiency to the education process and create face-to-face collaboration anytime and anywhere. Interactive teaching walls are in demand for active and collaborative learning spaces along with the ability to support wireless connectivity and BYOD (bring your own device) that allow students to improve students’ access to knowledge and expertise.

VSSi sophisticated audio visual solutions for education help teachers and trainers elevate student participation levels, increase student achievement, extend learning to remote classrooms, and allow teachers to utilize their time more efficiently. To bring classroom to the next level, VSSi provides distance learning solutions, webcasting, video conferencing, classroom control systems, projection systems, large screen displays, sound reinforcement, interactive whiteboards, room acoustics, noise control, video walls, and digital signage.


We design-build AV solutions for:


  • Lecture Halls
  • Classroom and Virtual Rooms
  • Distance Learning
  • Libraries
  • Common Areas
  • Auditoriums
  • Training Rooms


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