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AV Control Systems

Integrate all your technologies controls into one space


A Seamless Experience Across Devices

An AV control system is a special device that connects all the different AV equipment in a meeting space. You can then control everything in the room from one interface – typically a touch screen – effectively removing the need for a stack of remote controls and a jungle of cables in the room.

These control interfaces are incredibly easy to use, even for people who aren’t technically minded. They are a great time-saver for any user, eradicating the need to tackle a confusing bundle of remotes and cables and giving total control of the AV system via a neat, completely customized and made-to-measure solution.

Control System GUI Design

Visual System Solutions & Integration creates fully customized, app-like AV control interfaces that both streamline your technical needs and reflect your brand identity.

Our intuitive, tailor-made GUIs (graphical user interfaces), layouts and navigation save time and stress, and are simple to use. Everything is designed so that the basics of system operation can be intuitively grasped by non-technical users.

Do I Need an Audio Visual Control System?

Yes, if you are looking for fully integrated audio visual control systems for your boardroom or training room to simplify your operations in your venue and to have a total control of all electronics (projectors, screens, sound systems and lighting) from one control panel rather than using a separate remote for each piece of audio visual equipment.

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