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AV Design and Engineering: Combine Vision with Experience

Modern audio visual solutions are incredibly flexible, and as technology continues to advance, so do its potential applications. Today, if you can imagine it, you can probably build it.

However, without the assistance of experienced designers and engineers, AV installation projects are famously plagued by delays and equipment failure.

Every system is different. Even in the case of “standard” installations, the AV design and engineering process requires deliberate & careful planning to ensure the component parts work together and the final product works as planned.

AV design requires nuanced expertise and the ability to combine disparate equipment – from displays and projectors to video conferencing and control systems – into a cohesive whole.  It must also integrate with existing equipment to fit seamlessly into the existing design of your space. AV Engineers must take into account not only your goals for the system but the existing acoustics, lighting, furniture, and shape of your space.

The solution all of these concerns is to turn to an audio visual company which will take the specific needs of your organization into account during every stage of the process. At VSSi,  we coordinate directly with your goals and needs to deliver individually-tailored high-end customized AV solutions. Before beginning an installation, we will begin with an in-depth consultation with you on your organizations’ needs. Then, our team of certified engineers will prepare a detailed and individually customized plan which takes your specific needs and budget into account.

After receiving your feedback on the proposal, our team will then use cutting-edge tools to craft innovative and reliable custom solutions which align seamlessly with your organization’s needs. With this combination of new technology and years of industry expertise, we can make even the most complex visions a reality.


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