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ProActive Maintenance Contract

The buying of an audiovisual system for your organization can require a sizable investment. That’s why we believe that maintaining your new or “legacy” system is essential to keeping everything running as it should and the key to getting the best return on your original investment. A manufacturer’s warranty is critical, but you should know that manufacturer warranties are only good for “depot service.” This means they don’t cover ANY onsite service including troubleshooting, dismounting and re-mounting malfunctioning equipment, consumable changes, or manufacturer-recommended routine equipment maintenance. That is why we created ProActive Maintenance Contract to ensure that everything performs optimally and reliably. Our contract allows to maintain the equipment at the top level of performance and guarantees the resolution of any technical issues that might emerge anytime in the future.  Our highly-trained and knowledgeable technicians inspect your AV system and look for any audio visual problems that may arise.

Let VSSi worry about your audio-video system maintenance for you, making it easy for you to continue business as usual. Our certified service team will keep you covered with AV preventive maintenance visits and emergency response, increasing the lifespan of your AV equipment and eliminating the stress of unnecessary down-time.


Why Do You Need a Proactive Maintenance Contract?


  • Extend the life of your technology investment.
  • Maximize reliability and the performance of your equipment.
  • Lower the operational costs.
  • Keep critical operations running with emergency support.


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