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Support & Maintenance

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 Support & Maintenance

Not every business has the resources to maintain their AV systems, so we offer comprehensive support, including all-important preventative maintenance to maximise the life of your technology – whether we installed it or not. Tailoring an agreement to each client’s precise needs, we provide guaranteed service levels to many businesses, can agree to keep stock of key spare parts, and will always assign technicians who know your specific systems inside out.

AV technical support, as and how you need it

VSSi provides technical support cover, to ensure minimal downtime if things do go wrong with your AV system. Our engineers can walk your staff through initial troubleshooting steps over the phone, which can often result in a rapid resolution to technical issues. If the issue cannot easily be resolved remotely our cover can offer response times as short as two hours, and can include next-day loan equipment in the event of a breakdown. Having this level of help to hand provides peace of mind for your facilities or IT staff responsible for the running of the AV systems.

We will audit your requirements and design a bespoke maintenance package to suit your specific needs and budget. We will tailor call-out response times and other elements of a support agreement, to suit your requirements. 


Preventative Maintenance

A well-managed preventative maintenance program extends the life of your equipment and minimizes downtime and repair costs. Periodic professional cleaning and re-calibration can also optimize the AV systems’ performance and prevent problems occurring. Regular scheduled maintenance visits also ensure that your systems are running on the latest firmware, are kept dust free, have clean air filters, and that the image quality of your projectors and displays is at their best. Our trained Support Engineers are also often able to spot user-error issues early and re-train end-users on the correct operational methodologies.

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