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Cloud-based video conferencing helps you communicate with anyone, wherever they are.  

However, getting a high-quality video and audio experience from a personal computer – or even outdated conference-room equipment – can be challenging. Laptop speakers and cameras can’t always deliver the quality necessary to provide a seamless, distraction-free experience.  

VSSi can help you create an elevated, highly functional AV solution to support virtually any cloud-based video conferencing solution on the market. This will give you all the flexibility of the cloud, but with the assurance of consistent performance.

We’ll set up the framework for you to access any enterprise video conferencing software – Skype for BusinessBlueJeans, Zoom, GoToMeeting, or more – and ensure your hardware delivers high-quality audio and video on demand.

Here are just a few of the ways a cloud video conferencing solution can help your business:

Communicate with staff and the public, wherever they are: Using a video-conferencing setup in the cloud, you can truly reach anyone, anywhere – cloud-based video conferencing solutions are easy to access; all they need is an internet connection.

Instead of flying people to on-site locations and trainings, you can bring them to where you are through a high-quality video link. This makes it even easier to reach all your teams, remote workers, and even potential customers wherever they are, without the need to invest in more audio visual equipment.

Cut down office expenditures: Remote workers save businesses thousands of dollars in equipment and office space. By creating a high-performance virtual office, you can help remote employees be just as productive as on-site staff. Cloud-based video teleconferencing lets you contact individual employees, not just entire offices, without sacrificing quality. 

Interface with other offices, no matter what equipment they use: Instead of relying on clumsy patches to communicate across different AV systems, cloud-based solutions offer complete interoperability with other standard video conferencing solutions.

We help you get the most out of your AV systems by ensuring that all devices work together smoothly. Cameras, speakers, mics, presenters’ devices, displays, and even touch screens can all be seamlessly connected to one infrastructure.

Scale your video conferencing set-up to grow with you: Cloud-based video conferencing is surprisingly cost-effective- and it can grow with you. Once you factor in reduced commuting costs and the ability to use existing equipment, cloud video conferencing quickly pays for itself.

VSSi builds high-quality audio visual systems which elevate video conferencing software to a professional level. We work to make end-user operation easy and fast.



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