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High quality AV installations are now a vital part of many applications in the business or corporate sector



Workplace AV Solutions

Our mission is to provide every customer with an audio visual or video conferencing installation that is always an optimal solution. We continuously aim to deliver an experience which is founded upon transparency and confidence in our expertise.

Frequently working alongside main contractors, we are well-versed in phased audio visual installations enabling a smooth and efficient process from start to handover and are flexible in our approach to achieving the best end result in the most proficient way.

Corporate AV

Using technology solutions, we help make spaces more user centric, productive, engaging, and effective.

We give people the power to work the way they want, and the tools that help. From customizable experiences to cost-effective specialized solutions, we help you with all the resource that supports a great experience within your workspace.

 We see technology, not as a tool but an extension of every day working life, clever integration with smart software solutions VSSi can help create amazing working environments that are tailor made to users and customers.

AV Solutions for Your Space


Video Conferencing

Proven to deliver huge savings in time and travel expenses, videoconferencing is a well-established tool in today’s collaborative business models. With extensive experience in this area, VSSi is ideally placed to help you establish your specific needs and navigate the massive array of features and solutions available. We will design and implement a scalable solution across your business that ‘just works’, is as simple to use as making a call from a smartphone, and is within your available budget. 

Wireless Presentation

Presentations are an essential part of modern work life. The experience should be smooth and effortless, whether in an auditorium or huddle space, using vivid images and clear sound to enhance to message. People need to communicate their ideas with minimal distraction from technology. 

Projection System

Projectors are still often a practical and cost-effective way of delivering a large image size in a space. For presentations that need to reach a large audience and where ambient light can be suitably controlled, VSSi can design and install projection solutions for a range of budgets and aesthetic requirements.

Sound Masking

Our systems provide an ambient noise level in the treated area, not only does it make sensitive conversations private, it also creates a comfortable working environment. They create a harmonious sound that has been likened to the sound of air flow, it blends seamlessly into the treated area allowing for fewer disturbances and enhancing employee wellbeing.

Control System

AV control systems are used in many commercial installations such as training rooms, boardrooms and conference venues where there is a need to control various audio or visual equipment easily and simply from one single remote control panel.

Let Us Help You

VSSi AV solutions are designed to be easily manageable and user-friendly, helping to maximize adoption and usage across your company and ensuring that you see a positive return on your investment.

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Our Promise

We will transform existing under-used meeting rooms into spaces that encourage productive working and provide functional, technology enabled welcome spaces to impress your clients and customers with just a small amount of technology.

Our solutions are designed to be easy to manage and use helping to maximize adoption and usage across the business and ensuring that you see a positive return on your investment.

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