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The education sector has emerged as an integral part of the business


Collaboration Solutions

Educational institutes work with industry and business to deliver relevant, high-quality, vocational education and training. This training is often reliant on emerging technologies: how to represent the expectations of educators, to engage and educate students, and to reach a wider base of people seeking accreditation via remote learning. To attract and inspire students and operate more efficiently, colleges and universities start integrating audio visual technology in education, such as video collaboration and interactive learning platforms solutions to bring robust learning experience.

Education AV

Interactive visual solutions, including video conferencing, exponentially increase educational experience of teachers and learners. Video conferencing enables to engage students, to bring efficiency to the education process and create face-to-face collaboration anytime and anywhere. Interactive teaching walls are in demand for active and collaborative learning spaces along with the ability to support wireless connectivity and BYOD (bring your own device) that allow students to improve students’ access to knowledge and expertise. 

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Education AV Solutions


Interactive Whiteboard

Smarten up your classrooms with technologically superior smart boards giving you digital hands on control directly with the surface itself.

Wireless Presentation

Bring your communications and digital content together across the whole of a campus in a one complete and integrated network.

Projectors & Projection Screens

VSSi will supply and install complete commercially graded video projector and audio systems to provide interactive solutions for classroom environments within schools, colleges and other educational sector based facilities. 

Audio Systems

VSSI will provide many flexible systems, from small PA systems, to wall mountable speaker’s systems and line array technology speakers which are designed specifically to allow for long throw sound meaning that the sound itself will travel much further than regular speakers, maintaining a greater intelligible signal across the entirety of the room.

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Whether you’re a school, a further education college or a university, we can help you to develop the audio visual systems in your teaching spaces to support innovative teaching and meet the technological expectations of today’s learners.


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Our Promise

By smart use of today’s technology, we can transform your teaching spaces into a modern, operationally effective, multi-purpose and impressive environment for students, teachers and guest visitors alike – supporting innovative teaching and meeting the technological expectations of today.

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