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Our AV systems assist the government in communicating and collaborating in a more efficient and immediate way


Government AV Solutions

Government agencies, including military, around the world are faced with the challenge of addressing limited resources, the need for a real-time collaboration, and a broad geographic reach. Audio visual and unified communication integration help to ease the communication and optimize collaboration. It improves and bolsters relationships, increase productivity, and develops collaboration between colleagues. We understand that government projects require a certain amount of discretion and attention to details. That is why we design and engineer every intricate detail in order to provide the highest quality performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Government AV

Any government body, whether it is local or federal, will have to adhere to a budget, although updating technology is never easy it is crucial to how we work in the modern world which is why here at VSSi we design a solution best fit for you and want to use our work to assist the government with updating their technology , we strive to make sure that it is efficient, affordable and still gives you the very best and personal AV solutions you need.

The AV systems that we provide assist the government in communicating and collaborating in a more efficient and immediate way, with an overall smarter way of working we can help improve the management of daily tasks such as meetings and the sharing of information, along with accelerated decision making to make a more effective crisis response.


AV Solutions for Government

Video Conferencing

Proven to deliver huge savings in time and travel expenses, videoconferencing is a well-established tool in today’s collaborative business models. With extensive experience in this area, VSSi is ideally placed to help you establish your specific needs and navigate the massive array of features and solutions available. 

Room Booking Systems

Hotly contested meeting rooms can be a daily headache for today’s dynamic businesses, but our user-friendly room booking systems integrate seamlessly with your IT systems and existing calendars for effortless scheduling.

Audio Systems

For a long-established technology, it’s surprising how much audio conferencing can suffer from quality issues, which can seriously undermine the flow of business meetings. VSSi knows the audio conferencing market inside out and has a huge audio engineering pedigree, meaning we expertly tailor solutions to each client’s specific needs and acoustic environments, ensuring clarity, reliability – and your business’ efficiency.

Wireless Presentation

Presentations are an essential part of modern work life. The experience should be smooth and effortless, whether in an auditorium or huddle space, using vivid images and clear sound to enhance to message. People need to communicate their ideas with minimal distraction from technology. 

Projection System

Projectors are still often a practical and cost-effective way of delivering a large image size in a space. For presentations that need to reach a large audience and where ambient light can be suitably controlled, VSSi can design and install projection solutions for a range of budgets and aesthetic requirements.

Control System

AV control systems are used in many commercial installations such as training rooms, boardrooms and conference venues where there is a need to control various audio or visual equipment easily and simply from one single remote control panel.

Looking for AV Solution?

VSSi thrives on challenge and helps many local and federal government organizations deliver cost-effective, innovative, and inspirational AV solutions. These solutions achieve better results without putting pressure on limited resources while still making a real, measurable difference.

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From courtrooms to chambers, meeting rooms to conference rooms, we know our way around developing A/V systems for government buildings. We’ve integrated flat panels, projectors, document cameras, and even audio/visual recording devices. We always start with a consultation to determine your specific project goals and needs. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we are adept at submitting bids, and can work with you until we have a proposal that meets your budget and fits your needs.

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