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AV Solutions

Technology is the fundamental part for any successful entertainment venture. Video and sound add a great deal of excitement to retail, hotel, restaurants, bars, and other entertainment environment. VSSi team is well-versed in the design and engineering of digital signage solutions, video walls, interactive kiosks, video over IP networks, automated control and high-performance background music systems. Understanding of how to create a unique visitor experience and the relationship between process and products help to deliver the best audio visual solutions for our clients.

Hospitality AV Solutions

The value of a great audio visual system is crucial in many entertainment environments. For instance, everyone enjoys food and drinks while being entertained at the same time or watching their favorite sports teams on beautiful video displays. VSSi designs and installs audio visual systems that are easy-to-control and use. Our design service not only gets the basics of TV and projectors, we make heads turn with our digital menu boards, sound systems, and integrated multi-media systems, cultivating clients at venues of all sizes.

From concept to completion, we create an atmosphere within your restaurant, sports bar, hotel, or any other entertainment environment using the latest leading-edge audio-video technologies. 


Attract & Engage Customers with Hospitality & Leisure AV Solutions


Venue Control Systmes

Sound control processing can be made simple and effective by incorporating processor DSP control system devices. This option puts total sound and audio control in your hands and can be activated and manipulated directly from a single touchscreen terminal, independent of the complete audio sound system.

Audio Systems

Whether you require a sound system installation in a lobby or reception to relay background music or a full scale nightclub PA system capable of providing high sound pressure levels with high sound quality, VSSi can design, install and maintain the perfect PA system for your requirements.

Video Walls & Digital Signage

Every restaurant and hotel is looking for that next competitive advantage to help them grab more of the proverbial pie. Clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and sporting facilities benefit highly by using LED, digital signage, and video walls to advertise their products and promote brands they supply.

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Your system design and functionality should be a major priority. It will ensure you are creating the right atmosphere and ambiance, making your guests feel like they are of the utmost importance.

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VSSi is an expert in making spaces flexible and responsive. Our AV system designs are ideal for hotels and other high-demand spaces that are used in different ways at different times of the day or week.

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