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Projector Installation

Projector installation services within any type of venue or business will enhance presentations for both your customers and staff, whether you are promoting your latest products, services or even training your staff on recent sales figures or software, every business may be different in the way it achieves this.

 An audio visual equipment design and installation can be achieved using the correct projector and projection screen within a business but is has to be the correct resolution and brightness to achieve the desired end result within any type of commercial venue. 

 Every projector and screen installation is tailored to each venue whether the requirement is for a short throw, long throw, high definition projector or a rear projection installation so we can accommodate for virtually any type of installation project, large or small into any type of business.

Why Choose VSSi as Your Projection Integrator?

In a technology-centric world, our dedicated team of system designers, engineers and sales specialists are here to ensure you maximize efficiency, reliability, engagement and communication through the power of AV technologies.

We have helped universities, healthcare, museums, government and various companies stay connected through the integration of future-proof projection solutions. Our wide network of manufacturing partners means we don’t just offer a one-size fits all solution. We find the right solution for you.

Are you ready to introduce projection into your project? 


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