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Sound Masking

Restore conversational privacy and improve productivity in the workplace

Why Do You Need Sound Masking?

Sound masking is specifically engineered to match the frequencies of human speech and sound comfortable to the human ear. It does not cancel sound or eliminate all speech noise in an environment. Instead, it simply reduces how far away conversations can be heard and understood by others.

Improves workplace productivity

Protects private conversations

Reduces distractions

Increases employee concentration and protects confidentiality

A strong return on investment thanks to the affordable installation costs

Sound Masking: How Does It Work?

Sound Masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce noise distractions in that environment. The sound is typically introduced through speakers installed into office ceilings, delivering an engineering sound. When deployed, sound masking is barely noticeable, with the sound likened to an air con unit. 



Sound Masking

Speech Privacy, White Noise, Ambient Noise System – no matter what it’s called, the goal of Sound Masking is to reduce the intelligibility of human speech. Sound masking is the process of adding background sound to protect speech privacy and reduce distractions. 


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Increase Productivity

For productivity levels in the workplace to increase we seriously need to think about the working environment and what employers can do to ensure that their employees are at their most productive.

Our systems are designed to deliver an unobtrusive background noise which imitate airflow, masking background noises in the office environment and thereby reducing distractions and increasing productivity.

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