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Video Conferencing Solutions

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Why Do You Need Video Conferencing Software?

Choosing our solutions will revolutionize the way you deliver communication in your business. Good communication is effective for business productivity. For each and every client, VSSi builds an individually customized, high-quality, and seamless solution to deliver the best possible experience. We know how to work with you to address your needs and make your vision a reality.  

Lower Travel Time & Costs

Gather All Partners in One Place

Improve Communication

Improve Productivity

Conduct Online Training

Video Conferencing

Traveling to a meeting is expensive and time-consuming, and with the busy schedules many businesses have today, time is of the essence. Companies can now benefit from being able to host crystal clear meetings from the comfort of your own conference room. At VSSi (Visual System Solutions & Integration) we specialize in providing businesses in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland with the very best in video and audio conferencing to enable effective business communications whilst also maintaining that all important personal touch of face-to-face contact with the simplistic approach in mind. The integration of Video Conferencing Systems can allow companies to display and share presentations to communicate ideas and information in real-time at a touch of a button.

This integration is particularly beneficial to those who need to reach business partners and clients on a global scale. VSSi able to design and install video facilities to suit the needs of any company requirements, and to help it excel in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace.

The key benefit here is the integration of high defination hardware and simple software solutions which means less time wasted on setup and technical issues and more productivity and focus on the meeting itself.


We stick to what we promise.


We treat your business as if our own.


We are easy to do business with.


Our technology future proofs our customers.

Virtual Meeting Room

It can serve as a powerful medium to link colleagues together no matter their hardware, forgoing the reliance on traditional methods of video conferencing software. In practical terms, this means that meeting participants can join the Virtual meeting room through whatever means are most convenient.

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