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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has never been more ubiquitous or necessary for modern business and life.

The government, military, businesses, educational institutions, courts, and houses of worship all communicate with people every single day – and not only locally, but worldwide.

In order to ensure that this communication can happen easily, instantaneously, and across distance, VSSi provides:

Integrated solutions bridging multiple technologies: Our video conference solution provides instant connectivity with anyone, at any time, regardless of what technology they are using. This flexibility is key, especially during urgent situations when troubleshooting isn’t an option.

A distraction-free work environment:  Video conference technologies maximize the effectiveness of collaboration, keeping meeting participants focused on the issues which actually require their attention instead of the conferencing equipment. Seamless video conferencing experiences become almost invisible, like the participants are all in the same room, but without the hassle of actually bringing them there.

Unparalleled face-to-face connection: Good communication and efficient information sharing are to ensuring success in any business. Face-to-face discussion through a high-quality audio visual technological connection makes a stronger impact than delayed, and often subjective, communication through email and phone. This is particularly relevant for businesses operating across distances.  


Video Conference Collaboration Solutions Help:

Eliminate transportation costs: Instead of spending time and money on flights, (hotel rooms, food, transportation, meeting costs), video conferencing brings far-apart offices, international staff, and remote workers together virtually. Modern technology supports amazing video and voice quality. You can do anything from broadcasting documents to giving presentations from the desktop of your computer. Almost anything you can do in an on-site meeting, you can now do through a video link.  

Gather All Partners in One Place: Employees are no longer “tied” to the main office, thanks to video conferencing. Even if you need to bring together all current and potential partners from multiple locations, you can create one conference to share information or showcase a new product or service.

Conduct Online Training:  Instead of flying employees all over the country or world for training, conduct training virtually through a video conferencing link: Your employees are no longer “tied” to the main office thanks to the video conferencing. With video conferencing system you can conduct training and consult your stuff anywhere and anytime in the world. 

Support Telemedicine and the Mass Media: AV technology makes an impact on every business, but video conferencing has a particularly significant effect in healthcare and the media.

Video conferencing collaboration solutions empower clinicians to get the information they need and share it with ease; using a high-quality, secure video link, they can consult healthcare teams and talk to patients remotely, even up to translating operations to multiple audiences.  

In the media, interviews, seminars, briefings, online travel events with guests and participants anywhere in the world can all be aided by video conference solutions. Get in touch now to learn more about how this could work for you.


Are Video Conference Solutions Right for my Business?

Video conferencing solutions provide outstanding audio-visual support for any organization – helping you communicate seamlessly and instantaneously with others.

For each and every client, VSSi builds an individually customized, high-quality, and seamless solution to deliver the best possible experience. We know how to work with you to address your needs and make your vision a reality.  




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